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Androgynous - gender fluid artist, Awyn musical influence came from her North American family. Singer, song writer of indie pop music, mixing folk and electro music as well. The deep lyrics and melodies speaks about love and reflexions of life.


Producer and Photographer, producing her own songs, she is also involved with her own visual production.

Awyn created a social project that helps people to find their own individuality through self-knowledge and the rescue of the feminine in the world. She believes that someone satisfied with them selves, would not project frustrations on others, love has the power to heal and to free us of fearing patterns that influences our existence for some time.


¨Who am I? 

I’m just a living being… you can see me how you want to, man, woman, anything, something, it doesn’t matter. 

I am all of them and I am no one, I am nothing and I am everything, I am. "


Awyn - While I Wait For You (LIVE)
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